Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, albeit a bit late!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving day with lots of turkey and things to be thankful for! We did celebrate here, though not in the traditional way. We went to Lawry's and had turkey and prime rib on Thursday night. It was quite good, though not as good as homeade! We could have put together the meal here - but for the trouble of hunting down the ingrediants, and making it - and the cost - it was just as easy to go out. The turkeys are imported from the US and are about $8/lb for whole turkey, about $12/lb for turkey breast. We'll have ours at Christmas for much less!

The kids got out of school Thursday at 1130, and no school on Friday. Has been a nice weekend so far - Thursday they played outside most of the afternoon and then C had soccer (getting pretty cold for soccer at 5pm here!) then Friday they both had various play dates, friends over and then they headed over to the original clubhouse with Michele and their friends and their ayi - they had a pack of about 12 kids that went to play. It was rough, but E and I went for manicures, pedicures and head and shoulder massages while they were off on their playdate. We met a group out last night at Din Tai Feng, which is pretty much our favorie all time restaurant here.

When we arrived home, we got our Tree up - it looks ok. Not like the one at home, but it was free (we borrowed) and much easier to assemble! The crazy thing is you cant find any ornament hooks here! I had to tie ribbon on to all the ornaments to hang them. Really, was so fun. (???) We didnt bring any ornaments or deco with us - so I bought some at the market, and ikea...and we have plenty. I did win 2 xmas decorations at the school bazaar - so that was good - a nativity scene and a dancing/singing santa/snowman thing. I never win - so was quite excited at my haul!

I know I had more tidbits to share but I can't remember them right now? I will for sure be back. Today will be busy with soccer games, and showing some potential expats the fake market, neighborhood, school, etc then we are going to a party tonight. I'll be back!

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