Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chinese Chiropractor?

I don't know how I get myself into these things. Really, I don't. I do go to a chiro in AZ, as well as a naturopath for acupuncture. I have found that going to them on a monthly basis usually keeps me in pretty good shape, otherwise I have a sore back or stiff neck or something causing me grief. So, here I the land of acupuncture - the birthplace of traditional chinese medicine. I had a recommendation for a dr here, he speaks good english and has college degree from canada, then studied for the TCM aspect locally. I really haven't had many issues that required dr'ing here - which is good - but my neck and shoulders were really bothering me. So much that I had to break down and go. Now, I figured a few acupuncture needles, maybe acupressure in a spot or two and maybe chinese cupping. Well. that. was. not. the. case.

I arrive at this clinic, and they have disgusting herbs cooking - it was not moxibustion (a local chinese herb that is supposed to cure all that ails) but it smelled just as bad. Then a young guy pops out (young - I can say as he was probably a few years younger than me!) and says - are you here to see me? um, who are you?
well, indeed - it was Dr. huang. his card says:
Ph.D., Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Master of Medicine, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Bachelor of Neuro-Science, University of Toronto

I tell him my issue - sore shoulder/stiff neck - and he immediately tells me it is most likely in my knees. All back and neck issues stem from knees, then he tells me he can tell without looking I have issue as my lower body is bigger than my top - means qi is blocked. (at this point, I am ready to knock him out as my legs are NOT fat??? hello? but of course, my vainness krept in and I thought, well what if my legs look better after treatment?? that would be good!)
ok, I say - but my knees feel fine?
No, he says, they feel fine now - in 20 years, you won't be able to straighten them out! He then shows me a "normal knee" - his, and then looks at mine - ah, not normal.
ok...looks normal to me? they are locked, he says. Me - locked? I dont think so? they bend??
no - see, they need to look like this. I can fix them.
hmmm..fix them? how? I just wanted to have acupuncture?
No, he says - it won't work - will be short term. I will fix them then you come back for acupuncture.
Ok, so what do you do? (my first clue should have been when walking into his office - there was a stool next to a handicap rail - and you are supposed to hold onto the rail while he works on your knees!)
So he says he will do a chiropractic adjust on my knees??
yikes! I almost bolted. Really, but my neck was just a mess. So, I sit. and then worry as I had not told E where I was going - what if he breaks my leg or something? oy.

So, I hold onto the rail and he starts "unlocking my kneecap". I very nearly passed out from the pain! I can't tell you how much it hurt! He says - your knees, locked very badly - um, yes...I guess so?
and by the way lets skip the other knee for today - I really feel MUCH better.
No, no. he won't get better with one knee. This will be ok, very fast. At this point, I was unable to say no - trying to catch my he moved to the next one...truly as bad as the first. Once he was done, he stretched me out, showed me some excercises and gave me a list of things NOT to do for the next month or so, as my knees may lock back up again! I said "what"!!! lock up again? you must be kidding? No, you have to take care. So, no running, big kicks, etc till they settle.

then, he says - my master, he will be here in Dec, you should come back. He has studied bone setting for over 40 yrs, was a buddhist monk in tibet. Bone setting? yes, that is what we just did - chinese call it Tui Na, but its bone setting. Ok, I would not have been signing up for something called bone setting! ack! Adjustment, ok - setting? yikes! You had very bad locked knees, he should check you. I then made my way out as quickly as I could move - was quite shaky at that point and was sure he did my knees so that I would have sore knees and forget how much my neck hurt!

And...the punchline is...I have no neck pain. at all. cured. My knees feel ok now, a tiny bit sore after a few workout classes but no neck pain at all. This is good. So, now to decide do I go back to see the master, or call it a day? Supposedly the master does not hurt. ha! He did say once my knees are ok I can come back for acupuncture. We'll see. E thinks I should go back. I am not so sure....!

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