Monday, December 24, 2007

Details, Details.....

I suppose the last update was a bit sparse on details? There was so much more than just "hey, let's pick up and go to China"..really there was. Lots of thought, conversation, and on my part - ice cream! When stress overload occurs, there is nothing like a bowl of ice cream to make things better. One of my number one concerns was if I would still be able to work, if I wanted to work....if I didnt want to hard to know? We did make the decision to go without knowing what my plan would end up to be, deciding it would be ok either way. Now that I have that figured out, I will start pinging my contacts and see if anybody has a great job for me in Shanghai. I will of course talk to the group I work for now, though we just did a re-org last month and I am on a very focused team that was pulled together for 2 years to manage an enterprise replatform. We then will disband and go on our merry ways, with the title of Superstar Project Manager. (ok, so I made that up) Honestly, I am just not sure what they will say. We will just give them first right of refusal, I suppose!

I also began my detailed analytical reseach of the move. Google, that is! Gotta love the internet. I started searching and found so much info. Definitely feel like I have a clue. Have school forms I can start filling out, and am honing in on neighborhoods. So far so good.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

We got the news today.......

That small microprocessor company that we work for asked IR if he would accept an assigment in Shanghai for 2 years. This wasn't a total shock, yet, hearing the words out loud - was a total shock for sure. OMG! All the logistics, what about this and that - how will we do this instead of that, oy. We of course had a choice, well, sort of. I mean, I dont think they would have been happy if we had said no, but I suppose we could have. After stressing, not sleeping, discussion of so many factors, we figured why not, its 2 years - let's go and have fun. So be it.