Saturday, November 15, 2008

My new toy!

I do mostly like to walk here - its so good for you and helps offset if I can't go to the gym as much as I would like. however, days where I am in a hurry, or its rainy or soon to be much colder, it is a pain if the kids are coming along. They don't get as much enjoyment as I do, trekking off down the road on foot. So - when yuwei is off with E, or has the day off (we do let him have a day off sometimes!) I got this to take us around! It's so much fun! we tried it last night - went to the school for a fundraiser and it was perfect. I will say I had to search hi and lo for this - they used to be common here - locals used them as taxis - but the police cracked down and said no! however, I was told as a female american - no one will utter a word to me on this. Which is good, as I wouldnt understand it anyway, lol! We actively searched for a couple of weeks - yuwei calling all over, a guy from work making calls, visiting shops across shanghai - nothing. I was so bummed. Then, I thought to post a question on a local mom's internet board - shanghaimama's! and someone not only said they knew where to get it - they offered to take me there! she was super nice and we went right to a shop about 20 min from my house. Yuwei was very worried about buying without "laoban" - that is boss in chinese - meaning E! "oh...madam...we wait for boss. I take him next week." me - um, no, yuwei, its ok. I can buy this. E wants me to buy this as he is tired of trying to find one for me! if we dont get it, our luck it will be gone! I am sure he was worried as for him it was very much money, and was nice for him to be concerned, but I dont need "boss" to buy something! ha! So, without further she is:


Katie Walker said...

Sweet ride!!!! I'd love something like that!

The R Family said...

I know - its pretty fun - I can totally see using it in the states, too! I really like it - except now the kids dont want to walk anywhere - can you take us on the scooter??? nope - we will walk!