Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cluck, cluck, (organic) chicken!

Not sure how widespread the news has been around the world about the melamine found in eggs here? I know the milk was widely broadcast, but since then, they discovered it in eggs, too. nice, huh? Anyway, I am not normally an organic food buyer at home -sometimes I did but not a requirement. Here I do tend to buy more organic items, at least it seems like it might be better - there is enough crap around on a daily basis. So - the eggs I have normally been buying, which were not found to have the melamine in them - have a color brochure that comes with each box (yes, these are expensive eggs!) - I find it very interesting - here are some snipets -

"sun daily farm is in Mount Qipu, where thousands of ancient cypress release massive negative oxygen ion continually (is this good??)......
All hens are of pure german genetics...breathe joyfully under the shade, walk freely in the forest (I might enjoy living at Mt Qipu, too, I do have German blood!)....
Supplied with nutrition balanced organic corn, soybean, every day - they also can enjoy the green grass, and spring freely!(I don't spring too much anymore, myself...)..
they then go on to say they run an egg researh institute with phd's to ensure the best quality eggs.

Anyway - they are quite good, and don't contain any chemicals, so we will go with them for now. I just thought it sounds like a pretty good life!

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