Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Open Letter to CEO of The Coca Cola Company:

Dear Sir -

Though I rarely take time to send suggestions and feedbacks on products that I use - I felt most compelled to write. Whose idea was it to change the Diet Coke (hereby known as DC) Recipe in Asia, therefore calling it the most deceptive "Coke Light"? Aren't the Coke recipes locked away in a secret place and duplicated religiously? Was a taste test done across Asia to determine that those living in the far east wouldn't be happy with the original DC?
Enough of the problem - let's talk about solutions as there is still time to please a loyal customer of over 20 years, someone who ONLY drinks DC normally and would almost give her eye-teeth to be able to have it while in China! The Coke light - ugh...just not good - too sweet, too flat, blech. blech. blech. On the rare occasion I have found a true DC....the cost was $3.00 a can. Yes, $3. I admit, I have bought a couple for that insane cost, but I would be much happier for a bit of a bargain.
Please contact me if I can be of service in launching the real DC here, though I do have a day job, I would be willing to double up and support the efforts to ensure a smooth, affordable pipeline of DC.

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Michele said...

I feel for you. I would have a similar issue with Diet Pepsi if anything like that occured. I couldn't function.