Monday, March 31, 2008

Yes, I was Speechless!

Hard to believe, I know. While in Shanghai, we interviewed 2 candidates to be our drivers. Now, I have interviewed people for jobs many times before, no biggie. Well, try it when they pretty much only speak chinese! yikes! I really just didnt have anything pertinent to add to the discussion. IR asked questions, we had someone translate, then they responded with 1-2 words in English, the rest chinese. ok then. Both had excellent driving records, had driven for several years as their profession, etc. We ended up picking the older man, as he lives in the area we will, and because the younger one was worried about how much time he would have off with his girlfriend! Now, regular hours are 6 days a week, pretty much all day. They can work overtime, and most are happy to and the company pays this. I have to say we are not worried about skimping on the drivers time. I have no idea how all this will work, but I certainly will want someone that is willing to work when we need him! Our minivan specs will be arriving....can you stand it? We are so anti-minivan that is funny we will have one. I figure - its free. I can handle a minivan for 2 years for free. Couldn't you?