Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Need Rice?

they have about 8 of these huge vats, with hundreds of pounds of rice in bulk. maybe thousands. no sour cream, but we do have rice !
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It takes a village....

of stores it seems, to get the groceries you need here! Despite having a store bigger than most super walmarts, plus several smaller ones nearby, I have still been unable to find any sour cream lately. poof, gone. I got smart this week and started haunting the online stores that deliver - they are painful here, some words only in chinese, slow, etc - but I found some online and it should appear today? So they say. We will see. I am afraid it will not be the case and their website was wrong. I did find my favorite Stacy's pita chips at one store...and had 3 bags sent over last night...and I got super excited, but came to reality fast - as one site shows Diet Coke from US, 24 pack for about 9 dollars! I knew it couldnt be possible, but ??? alas, it was not correct. Chinese Coke Light. blech. oh well.