Saturday, November 15, 2008

An All Star Winner!

C made it to the all star baseball team here in Shanghai...and today they played against a Japanese team. The start did not look good - the other team very coordinated and they play together every week. They were up at bat first and all of them hit the ball way into the outfield. Our boys were really scrambling! A change came about after the first couple of innings, however and they did great! C had more great plays then I can relay - multiple hits, outs, just did a super job all around. Final score was 31-28.

I must say I might need to work on my coordination as I had a hard time - watching and cheering for C, keeping an eye on D (who was running around with other kids) answering e's text messages on HOW IS THE GAME! and trying to snap pics from my phone - which is not a good camera for sports pics, to send to E.
It was quite a disaster. So, I didnt really get any action shots, but here is one of the baseball boy...and my neighbor, thankfully, who wasnt doing all at once did get a few good ones that he will forward my way. After that we made a run into ikea, which was close by, for a few things, and then we stopped at california pizza kitchen - our first time here- we kind of had an all american day, right here in china! As tired as they kids were, the miraculously recovered on arriving home - C ran out the door to his friends and D and Michele went right to the park. I predict good sleep for all tonight!

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