Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm back!

What a busy month this has been! yikes. Time flies when you aren't in China?

First I was in Arizona for 2 weeks - and I can't tell you how nice it was! Target. Nordstroms. mexican food. yum! It was so nice to go into work and see people vs being on the phone! It was very busy with lots to do in a short time period, but all went well. I even tried a couple of restaurants I haven't been to before....eddie's house -
and cowboy ciao - Eddies had good food but was overserviced? Or maybe I am jaded from being in China and having limited service? Ciao was good...great combo of flavors and wine. I managed to bring back about 100lbs of food items in duffle bags- always a good thing...heinz ketchup, sweet baby rays, granola balls, trix, tomato sauce and 6 bottles of yummy napa get the idea. So much cheaper and of course some things you cant get here at all. The other big thing I brought back...was....WRIGLEY! he is here, in china, in the flesh. I may not be able to post a pic till seems I am having firewall difficulties...aka...TCF.
He did great on the trip and is settling in really well.

I do plan to post more later this week, along with some pics...lots to tell - ear infections, MRSA???, tallest building, a life sized santa, OPUS ONE private tasting. truly too much to detail tonight, after getting up at 4am and having a busy day. Will try again add pictures too!

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