Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chinese american idol?

I went into the office today. I don't go into the office much, no need, really. Today, I was asked to judge an english contest. 30 people had 2 minutes each to stand up and talk about whatever they chose to....and then they were judged on Manner, Grammar, Fluency, etc. After each person went, you had to give a few comments....I am pretty sure I threw out a few " that was a bit pitchy...and you really have to bring it if you want to win comments!" Paula might want to look out, I may be the judge if they decide to really have a Chinese AI! One guy actually did sing - not very well - but we had to give him props for trying. The topics were somewhat odd and off the wall - random. One guy talked about his gay friend, one girl talked about getting up in the night with her baby and how tired she was, several talked about hope and what does it mean - and success - how does one truly find success (pretty lofty topics, I thought, for someone learning the language?) One gal had memorized McCain's concession speech and recited that? Another acted as the CEO of Google and announced layoffs. Wacky. Then I stood up and they asked me questions like - how to learn english? (um, practice and study?) what is most important element - ( pronunciation works for me - if I can't understand, its a problem!) Fortunately, no one asked me to demo my chinese!

The crazy part was(ok, it was all a bit crazy but bear with me) -when we were done - (2 more rounds to go, so no winner yet) - all these people came over and wanted their pictures taken WITH ME! Me, as in AD? Can you stand it? It happens out and about here with the kids, but rarely do they take pics of me or E, and I was not expecting it at work of all places. I think E's admin was the first one over? Just wild. good thing my hair looked ok today - can you imagine? Anyway, I am not sure why I dont get this reception back in Chandler, but I will sure be letting them know!

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