Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sir Wrigley

As I had mentioned, Wrigley flew back with me a couple of weeks ago. I hired a pet company to assist and we routed through Beijing to avoid the Quarantine here in Shanghai. Please don't ask why there would be a locked up Q in Shanghai but not in Beijing...I couldn't tell you why! While it was expensive I felt it was well worth it.

When I arrived in Beijing, there was a person waiting for me to get off the plane, he took me to get my bags, then to get Wrigley, then to the Q office. Wrigley couldnt get out of his crate there and when he saw me he just howled! I know he said he had to go to the bathroom!!! By this time he had been in his crate for about 19 -20 hours! The Q office filled out some paperwork, took a pic of me and wrigs - still in the crate - then told me to leave. The escort took me out into the airport where another person was there from the company - world care pet - to meet me. She told me he would need to stay there for 3 hours. So, my mom - who was with me, and I got a starbucks...and sat to wait. Side note, had not been to Beijing airport - was huge - and freezing! very nice, but way too cold. So we waited...and waited...and then tried out a Big Mac.....(same by they way as home!)..waited more...then out she came wheeling wrigs on a cart....he saw me and just let out another howl...She then arranged to have a car pick us up so we could take Wrigs offsite to get out, go to the bathroom, have a drink, etc. My mom stayed at the airport with all our bags, and off we went. He was so happy to run around. There were no accidents in his crate - he had held it for about 24 hours at this point! Quickly we headed back to the airport, and then went to check in for our next flight. I felt so bad sending him off again, but we had no choice. Finally, we landed in Shanghai, and went to get the bags....and...the first thing down the luggage carousel was WRIGS! omg! I quickly got the cart over and someone helped us get him off. I have never been so happy to be home in my life! The whole process was about 30 hours...and Wrigs did just wonderful. He is settling in really well.

The other thing we had to do once he arrived was register him - for $150 the police will register him so they wont come to take him away. we hear about them raiding neighborhoods and taking dogs - you have to pay tons of money to get them and sometimes you never get them back. SO, we paid for that and will have to also do it again in Feb - as that is their annual registration period. I felt it was money well spent!

here he is, in one of the pics we took for the police -


leander said...

Hi Andrea-great to see your boy has joined you-I know how happy you all must be. It looks like you're definitely having the experience of a lifetime, too! Enjoy!


The R Family said...

OH! it's great to see you! how are you? what have you been up to? I don't have a current email address for you anymore, but had wanted to check in and say hi!