Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sat night is Open that Bottle what are *you* opening?

I read about OTBN last year - its something the wall street journal started 10 years ago. You are supposed to open a bottle of wine you have been saving for that special day, but never open. Its fun to get people together and have them tell their story about the special bottle. We did it in AZ last year and are hosting an OTBN wine tasting party tonight. We are serving a Gargiulo Cab, as we have stories and pictures to share of the winery, the Michael Chiarello cooking show we were in, etc. Love the wine and winery. We'll see if its the winner in tonights reviews. We don't have most of our good napa wines here...though we do get some from our favorite local napa store - napa reserve. I couldnt part with the Realm or Silver Oak. We do have more Gargiulo at home, patiently aging and waiting for our return to the valley of the sun. Stay tuned for the results!

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