Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Skiing....in Japan!

Last week was Chinese New Years, also referred to as Golden Week. 2009 is the year of the OX. For the week there is no work here and fireworks GALORE. They go off all day and night. Lots of family celebrations - everyone goes home to their families to eat and celebrate. They have lots of customs to follow to plan for their health, prosperity etc in the new year. Its the biggest holiday here. And...well...we left before it happened!

We decided to head out for the week and went to Japan for siteseeing and skiing. We started in Tokyo, where we saw Sumo wrestling, Costco (yes, costco), the fish market and auction, a local temple, took a boat ride, Tokyo Disney, shops, and ate lots of sushi. Then we flew to Sapporo, took about a 2 hour bus ride and arrived at the Rusutsu Resort in Northern Japan for our ski trip. We rented a 24 person cabin with 3other families - had 8 adults and 8 kids. Pictures to come, but I will say the kids had a great time - C snowboarded, D skied, and both did just great. They loved it. We were on our way home Sat but were waylaid due to weather ..we got on our flight from sapporo to sendai, got all the way to sendai, then the plane was turned around due to weather in sendai. So - we went back to Sapporo, spent the night there and then got up and did it again! This time we made it to Sendai, then onto Shanghai. So after almost 48 hours we arrived home! yikes. All was ok, kids were good but it was a bit long. We arrived about 8pm ...made run to Carrefour (the grocery store) and hosted a superbowl party the next morning at 630am for about 15 people. Back later with pictures and more scoop on skiing.

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