Monday, February 9, 2009

Tokyo....what did we think?

We all really enjoyed was so clean, the traffic stopped for pedestrians, and no yucky smells coming from all over. The downfall would be that it is very $, but for a vacation, I think its ok.

When we arrived the boys went off to a championship sumo wrestling match, and the girls, well, we took the subway and a taxi to Costco! On the way we stopped for a quick sushi lunch....

We were there with another family also from Az and it was great to have someone to run around with. We managed to do quite a bit over the long weekend...tons of sushi, the fish market (the boys went to the auction that is held at 530 in the morning and the tuna's sell for over $10k usd)..we spent a day at Disney. They did a good job there, very much like Disney in Orange county with many of the same rides. We had a beautiful sunny day to be there, and it was a lot of fun for all of us.

I would love to share more today, but for some reason my pictures keep getting blocked and I am unable to upload. (tcf?) I will update more later this week!

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