Sunday, March 1, 2009

We won!

with a great Australian cab coming in close behind. Was fun, will load some pictures as I can get them downloaded.

Meanwhile, I am really having issues today as I NEED to go shopping. I really need to get into Target, or Nordstroms, even Fry's! I just did some online shopping, which isnt quite the same - but got some things for D, who needs nothing, at have the cutest things. I also had some Luna bars shipped to AZ, to have when I get there this summer... now I realize that is aways a way, but I just needed to get them on their way. They have a new flavor that I really liked - White Chocolate Macadamia...very good! A guy from work flew over for mtgs this week and brought some things from AZ - Luna bars, other granola bars you can't find here that kids like, something I had ordered for D's bday, etc. With the travel so constrained due to budgets its putting a crimp on my supply line!

Off to get our day started, figuring out how we are supposed to submit our tax stuff to the company that will process them and get that started...sounds like fun, I know. Happy March 1!!!

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