Friday, February 27, 2009

speaking of health and wellness...and dr's...

I returned to my chinese bone setter today. I have a friend who has been having a lot of neck and back pain and I kept telling her she probably would be a good candidate for treatment! So, we finally went and yes, she was in dire need of having her knees adjusted! I had told her it was severely painful, but until you do it...I am not sure you can really understand that feeling of hot and cold and dizziness then the feeling like you will surely puke or pass out...then he is done! She was a trooper and did it but agreed with my assessment on the pain level. She was already feeling better when we left. I hope it helps her as much as it helped me as she had been going for massage etc constantly with no relief.

I also had him check me as I was feeling some pain in my hip - very annoying - specially as I have been such the exercise queen lately, with 1 or 2 workouts a day. Sure enough, the one knee was not bad but had locked back some, the other one was fine. So I too had to suffer through an adjustment, but nothing like the first time. It was well worth it, as I already feel better.

Maybe one day, I will get to go and have something else done - acupuncture, etc but he won't do that if your knees are not ok! My friend is taking her sister, mom and mil next month when the arrive in china - and Dr Huang has named me his new PR mgr and will have my referral check waiting, at least he says he will! If you are planning to come this way, let me know and I will get your appt made pronto!

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