Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just a quick one....

I haven't had time to upload all the pics we took but Connor's snowboard instructor took these of him from her phone..and emailed us, so they were easy. I still can't get over how well he did with so little instruction. She said he was so determined and focused and he did extremely well for someone his age. It takes a lot of strength to board and he apparently had the knack for it (ok, enough of my proud mom speech, I will be quiet now).
He is ready to go again soon, I however may need a year to recover! The process of getting everyone dressed and undressed in all the gear and boots every day is exhausting! I won't be moving anywhere cold, anytime soon.

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Jennifer Burgett said...

I just got done with reading all your posts. I have no idea how I missed all of this!!!

I think I want to come live with you. . . . massages and mani/pedis, Michelle. . . . sounds so nice. But then there is TCF. . . .I might just stay here.