Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Did I mention they have real Diet Coke in Japan?

It's true. Real, D.C. It was good, too. Now why they don't have it here in China, I couldn't tell you. TCF. I did bring a few cans back in my suitcase. I know, I am losing it.

One thing I found fascinating in Japan was their vending machines. First off, they were everywhere. I mean on every corner. Second, they were so fancy - all showing the products they had to offer. They had machines with hot and cold drinks. Coffee/latte/expresso, hot in a can was a big hit there. We did try a couple and they were good. They also had vending machines that made food - french fries, nuggets - no clue how they worked, I didnt get a chance to try it but I thought that was pretty nifty.

The other thing we got a kick out of was the fake food. All the restaurants have fake food sitting in the windows, so you can see what they have on their menu. There is even a street you can go to that has all fake food you can buy. I have to say the fake food does not look so yummy? so not sure if it really lures people in or not, but it is interesting, to say the least. The 2 pics here were of fake food available at a market in the airport. you could buy fresh fish, sushi, katsu, bento boxes, etc. You name it.

We all loved the food - the kids had sushi every day, sometimes for all meals. There was a lot of other good stuff too - tempura, teppanayki, katsu bowls, yum!

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