Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Arizona Christmas to All!

yes, we are back in the states for the holidays. We arrived 12/18 and we leave on Jan 3rd. It has been great to be here. The kids have thoroughly enjoyed themselves so far - play dates, visiting old schools, Target, geez - going to Fry's and picking out chocolate milk and yogurt has been a treat! It's funny how things you take for granted normally, you no longer do! I am sure one day it will be the norm again, but for now it is still a treat to be able to buy what you want at the store for a somewhat reasonable price. I can't tell you how many times I say - no, not buying those pop tarts for $7...or no Trix, its $11/box...wait till we get home. The funny thing is when we lived here, they never even really asked for those things!

My weekly tally is dropping. I often think I should keep track of my massages, mani/pedi's, the week ...but I never do. I can tell you I have had no mani/pedi or massage in about 2 wks I think! yikes. I did head right to my naturopath for acupuncture (had to clear that shanghai damp!) and have also been to my beloved chiropractor. He was checking out my shoulders...and finally said... there is a knot here, and I don't think its going away! So, yes, apparentley there is some stres somewhere lurking in our life - could be in getting up at 4am during the week, or maybe it was just the long flight over, but it is there somewhere. I knew there was a reason I went for so many massages!

Christmas itself was great, with the kids getting way more than they needed, and me trying to figure out how we might get all this stuff home! am sure we will work it out.

wishing you and yours a happy holiday...with more pictures to come from the week..there is lots to share - suns game,xmas morning, etc....etc... :)

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