Saturday, December 13, 2008

Martha is alive and well in China!

Yes, I pulled off the work holiday party from China this year. oy.vey. 25 chinese people, all coming to see how the "laoban" (boss) lives. It is a bit more difficult to host parties here - mainly the food part - figuring out what to serve, and then many things you might normally do are super $$. I managed to come in just slightly above budget.

I ended up doing a mix of things, some chinese (zhongcan) some western(xican). I catered some really yummy appetizers from a local restaurant, then at home did a few more things - michelle made spring rolls, I did crab rounds, meatballs,cheese/crackers/salami...dessert we put out fresh fruit, and I had made cookies and cupcakes. Chinese are huge on fruit for dessert, I think they ate all of it! All the food seemed to be a hit - There was not much of anything left, a few spring rolls (we had made 100!) and a few indian meatballs.

Kids were quite good and had so much attention but it was Wrigs that was the star of the show. They loved him! So here was our 11 year old dog, doing tricks and getting treats all night long - he was in heaven! Connor sang to his Wii american idol game. D showed off all her babies.
e's admin - who loves to take pictures - got a snapshot of just about everything we own, I think. Was too funny!

It was a long day and I am glad to be done!!! Now I can get us ready to leave this Thursday.

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