Saturday, December 27, 2008

CDR living the dream, once again!

One of c's xmas presents was to go to the Suns Game (which was too bad they lost) *and* he got to be the Suns Ball boy. They get to go on the court for all the warm ups, and the neat thing is when they introduce the players, they intro the Ball Boy, etc. So with all the lights dimmed, music going and people cheering - they say " and now, from Concordia International School in Shanghai China...Its CDR!" and he runs through the players high fiving, etc.

I wish I could be CDR! He had a ball, got to talk to all the players and get a basketball fix. His league starts up after we get home, so maybe he will remember some of the moves to use? though, check out this video from his bball camp - maybe he doesn't need any moves???

Here he is at the game, quite serious....

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