Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

even in China!

We are surprised at the decorations they have out here locally - lights on trees, santa and his sleigh posted on buildings. Very festive, really. Note my santa next to the tree, E bought it at the flower market for me - he is life size and really handsome!

We didn't bring any holiday decorations with us - for any holidays. none. Just wasn't on the list. So, I was able to find some ornaments at the flower market, ikea and the fake market - some really pretty ones, too, I might add. We borrowed a tree from friends that have 2 here. E was so happy that it was about 8 ft tall and was super easy to put up, vs the one we have at home that takes a village to get up and decorated. We rushed to get it done last weekend as we realized we won't get to enjoy it if we don't get it up now as we leave for Az on the 18th. Here are a few pics, for your viewing pleasure and a few of the house. I never think to post any house pics, but imagine somepeople wonder what its like to live here - and now you will know, it's not so different from being at home!

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