Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I have seen the Master...

and lived to tell the tale. I debated back and forth about whether I really wanted to go back to the bone setter. Trust me, if you had gone once, you would be thinking the same. I was not going to go, but after 3wks or so my neck felt like it was getting tight again. The original Dr had told me it was best I see the master as I was a tough case and may need an adjustment. Too many bad habits and my knees would lock again.

So! Last Monday I woke up and decided to just do it. I arrived and the waiting room was very busy - I paid and sat down and then the Dr I had seen popped out and saw me - he was very surprised - said he didnt think I would come back! So, I waited my turn, trying not to breathe in the nasty herbs they burn...supposedly for your health. At one point there was a commotion and I heard some noise and someone ran into the room with towels...I had an inkling what was going on, but thought - no...it can't be? Meanwhile, I am texting with E, telling him he hasn't heard from me in 20 min to call Yu-Wei and tell him to go in and get me...and a lady comes out covered in PUKE! omg. She was having her bone setting done, and threw up due to the pain. See - I told you it was one of the most painful experiences of my life...and here I was back to go again??

I quickly text E about this and said I am going to just leave - and of course he says - no, you are already there, just stay and get it done. You already had it done once and you said it helped. Easy for him to say, sitting in his office at work! Then Dr Huang pops out for me - and I said - I was just thinking about leaving after the last one - he said oh no, its ok - The master is very good. uh huh. sure he is. Then he says Master already saw you sitting there, he says you need setting - he can tell by your legs. Ok, so now we are back to my FAT legs again. I said, listen. I do not have fat legs. I am not asian, no. But I DO NOT HAVE FAT LEGS AND DONT SAY THAT AGAIN! Then said there are many american women with fat legs, I am not one of them. He says ummm....ok. We will make your legs look and feel better and then you can come back and we will further tonify the qi in your legs. Ok, much better. I said now that is fine. Put the positive spin on things. Telling someone they have fat legs (when honestly, they aren't fat..) is not a good sales pitch. I really think he should hire a communications expert!

I sit and Master checks out my knees - ah, yes, still too tight. Then he starts working on them. I would say on a scale of 1-10 - his adjustment was about a 4? the first dr the first time was about a 12. It was really manageable, uncomfortable, but I could deal. He also did an adjustment of my arm - he said my hands were numb due to neck tightness. ( didnt even know they were numb) No puke, nothing. He then had me do a few exercises and reminded me no running, kicking, laying flat with knees locked, etc. and I was out the door. I will say my neck feels fine and I am following orders. Will I go back for acupuncture to improve my legs? we shall see. Maybe after the holidays???

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