Thursday, December 4, 2008

Germs, germs, germs!

I have been told by many people here that we will likely have some viruses and infections we don't get at home - different bugs, germs, weather, etc. Ok, I suppose that makes sense. What I am not fine with - is what DCR had in October. I did not even take a picture of it in its acute state - it was AWFUL! She had gotten a tattoo on her temple/forehead at a birthday party, which had to be scrubbed quite hard to get off. The next day, E noticed a slight rash (I was gone to the states). Well, the day after - full blown rash that looked like an outbreak of the worst acne you have ever seen! When I got back I ended up taking her to the DR, - and though they didnt culture it, he said it was either MRSA or some form of infantigo - a skin infection. MRSA is the penicillian resistant bacteria that abounds in hospitals, though it can be other places too. He said he would give same rx whatever the culture said, so sent us home with rx for bactrim (the packets we mix ourselves again!) and said to do hot compresses 4 times a day. This all started Oct 26. I took this picture of her last night - you can still see the spots. I do think they will eventually be gone - but can you even believe this?? just crazy! SO, new rule in the house - no tattoos anywhere and especially nothing on faces. nuts!

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