Sunday, August 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home...almost...

We finally confirmed all our housing details and we have an official address. We don't officially take occupancy till Sept 1, but we are friends with the family that are moving out, and they left last week, so we plan to start moving some of the things we have at the Marriott over during the next week. We will check out of the Marriott next sunday and spend our first night at the house then. Luckily, the family that is moving out left a lot of things for us, as we don't have our sea shipment! We should be able to make due - all appliances, cooking things, linens etc they left should more than get us through till ours arrive.

We are looking forward to the week...friends arriving from the OC for a few days, and also the prospect of getting to our house! School orientation is Thursday, will meet our teachers and do final school prep. On the home stretch of this long moving process...and we should get confirmation of our shipment docking this week, too. Stay tuned as we get settled in! Posting a couple pictures of the front of the house, and one of the new clubhouse being built across the street from us. Will post more once we get our things inside!

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The 4 Willsons said...

It is BEAUTIFUL! Not what I was thinking at all. I'm so glad things have just fallen into place for you. What a wonderful experience for you all.