Monday, August 18, 2008

Bad Day...

We had some really bad news the last day of vacation - our dog, Wrigley (who is the best dog in the world, I might add) who is still in AZ was attacked by 2 pit bulls last Thursday night. He was on a walk and on his leash and they came out of nowhere, no tags/collars, not a sound and attacked my poor man. He didnt know what hit him. My brother was the one walking him, and he basically beat them off and almost beat one of them to death. They both came out looking quite rough - Wrigs spent the next day at the vet, had to have surgery to do all the stitches - his hind end and his ear/head. It appears he will be ok, he is home and walking slowly but I have to wonder if he'll be able to get past such a trauma. I dont know if we will - I end up in tears whenever I think about the whole thing. We contemplated having me fly home from vacation instead of coming back to China, but it seemed to be under control and he is doing much better, so I didnt. We have talked to him on the phone and he sits up and licks the receiver. I have to say we are just sick over this. The 2 dogs(?) that attacked him were picked up by the police -they came right away and were able to get them and taken to the pound. They are locked up and so far no one has called for them. I will find out tomorrow what the deal is as far as how long do they keep them before putting them down, etc. I honestly hope no one tries to claim them - I will gladly pay the vet bills - I just want to ensure those dogs are never out again.

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