Saturday, August 23, 2008

Legal stuff....

Part of the process of living here and working is a need for a resident's visa, and work permits. Luckily we don't have to figure it out ourselves - there is an outsource company that manages this for us - its pretty complicated and labor intensive. Before going to Hawaii we had to get all this completed so we could leave China and be able to return as our original visas were one entry only. My health check was part of this, needing the results to process the permits. The good news is I passed my health exam - summary : " appears to be mostly normal female" ha! My abnormalities were my eyes and nose - apparently the fact I need corrective lenses and that I have a deviated septum mean I am not normal. I couldn't really read anything else - all in Chinese, but it appears I am OK. I also had to go the police station - they called it an interview but luckily that wasn't the case, just turned in paperwork and $$.. So, we got all our docs back, along with our passports just in time for our flight out, and we are good to go till next year when they will process a renewal. The kids did not have to go thru any of this, if you are under 18, you just submit your paperwork and the parents paperwork and you are good to go.

I am so glad to know I am almost normal!

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Michele said...

LOLOL "Mostly normal female" LOLOL That just cracks me up! :-) Glad it all went well.