Friday, September 5, 2008

Ode to Lifetime Fitness...

Oh Lifetime Fitness…I miss you so…
Megafit China, is where I now must go..

The classes they are similar, but the routines I do not know….
it really is required, so my butt it will not grow…

The facility’s not fancy, no marble on the floors…
But the fitness classes should ensure I continue to fit through doors

I miss my favorite teachers…and my friends that were always there
Am sure I will meet some new ones, for that I will not fear.

There are lots of families just like us, all trying to settle into routine
And many moms such as me, trying hard to just stay lean!

I have been to the gym here, hence my inspired poem. It is actually fine, but it's not Lifetime. (
I am not a huge fan of "gyms" but Lifetime is more than a gym and I have to say we enjoyed many elements of what they offered - the playcenter, camps, swimming, squash, group fitness, etc. The fitness teachers were all excellent and very motivating. The last class I attended was before moving over, in mid July, so quite a length of time with only some short hotel gym workouts in between. This week, I tried Body Pump and Step. They were both ok. I think part of the experience is the socialization factor and I am just now meeting people here. So, I will reserve judgement and continue to go. I am sure after a few weeks it will be my new norm and hopefully I wont be as sore as I am today!

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