Friday, August 22, 2008

Back on track...Kauai...

The last few weeks have been a bit crazy, with vacation mixed in. We spent a week on Kauai last week, amidst everything else we have been doing.

We almost didnt go, as the flights were not going to be good. we had bought this trip at an auction last year before we knew we were moving to China. The original flight plan had us going back to san fran? then to Kauai? um, no? I dont think that will work for us at all! So we ended up getting a flight throught Seoul...and it was great! still far - 2 hours to Korea, about 9hrs to Honolulu then another 30 min for Kauai, but it was doable and we all thought korean airlines was really quite good - very nice attendants and the kids had great childrens meals along the way. All in all, everyone did great on the plane. We did decide for our next trip we'd like one to be a little shorter??? something about flying for an entire day gets old!!!

Kauai was really nice, hadn't been to that island before and we thought it was beautiful. We spent our days at the beach, with an after beach dip at the pool. The kids learned to snorkle, and thought that was fun. C really enjoyed it, - D tried it but didnt love it, she was happy to just swim around. We took a sail up the Na Pali coast one of the days - very beautiful cliffs that you can't get to other than hiking and boat....and stopped to snorkle a few times. We saw TONS of dolphins, and sea turtles - they swam along with our boat and the turtles were right where we snorkled. (not to mention tons of fish) We didnt see any sharks, which C was happy about as that was a concern to him while in the ocean!

I had to laugh, only we would go to Hawaii with some empty bags to fill up! I found out they have a costco on the island - so that sealed the deal! we ended up returning with 3 duffles of "stuff" - cereal, granola bars, diet coke, wine, canned soup, salad get the idea! One of my trip highlights was stopping in Safeway and just looking at the dairy case - heaven! Posting some pics of our week of Sun and Fun! Stay tuned for more adventures in China!

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