Friday, August 15, 2008

Who knew?

that you could get Silver Oak Cab in Kaiuai for a relatively good price? It happens to be in my top 5 of favorite wines, and we have now had it 4 times this week! At home you might see it on the menus for $150+...and at the local stores maybe around 60-80 depending on what year, which vineyard, etc. Well, they must be using it like a loss leader at the grocery because the mark up has been pretty small, considering. I also dont know that we can get this in China, so have to stock up now! the funny thing - and I wish we had a video of this - We were told earlier in the week that in Hawaii, the liquor law is you can cork it, taste a bit, recork it and take it with you. Tonight at dinner the waitress asked if we wanted to save the cork in case we didnt drink it all. We said - no, thats fine, we will drink it. Well, DCR was having some issues tonight - too tired and was not up for sitting while we drank Silver Oak - so...I paid and said we are going to take it with us. She came back and said - oh, I am so sorry, but I was just told if you want to cork it and take it you cant get it till tomorrow? hello? I am not leaving the silver oak, lady! So I said, oh, ok - weird as we were told the opposite elsewhere. She walked away - I grabbed the bottle and my purse, along with C - said lets go C - and we hid it under my purse and took off. No way I was leaving the silver oak behind! I am sure we looked a hoot, hot footing it out of there! C is still laughing about it! No doubt setting a great example for the kids. Now, back to vacation..till next week -

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