Monday, September 15, 2008

Some better news...

not to close on the prior bad note - a few things have gone ok -
1. I got my haircut and highlighted, and I still have hair, its not orange or purple and its not shaved up the back. this is good. (TCF: it was more than I pay at home!)
2. I found DARK CHOCOLATE M and M's! (tcf: small bag, $2.00)
3. I got my ticket back to Az for work next month, and will be picking up Wrigs and bringing my mom back with me for a visit. I cant wait to have him here!

Ok, so now I am really off to bed, just didnt want you to think I had really gone over the edge..there are a few things going ok!

p.s. - tcf- the china factor. its alive and well here, in all that we do!

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