Monday, September 8, 2008

Jane Fonda?

Ok, I promise not to keep talking about exercise here...but I do like to exercise and it was a big concern for me when moving over here, to maintain my routine. So today, I walked the kids to school, then walked to the gym for aerobics. I had not been to this actual class before nor this instructor. It was a chinese man - and I swear I felt like I was in a Jane Fonda Video, circa 1980! He was really into it - very dancey and coordinated. The moves, the whole thing. Not to mention he was playing Bust a Move by Run DMC? intermixed with Cher. Oy. It was a decent workout however, I was tired when done. I had sent Yu Wei to take Michelle to the grocery store so I was on foot - which was fine, its not far, about a 10min walk - but as I got almost to the house, they came driving down the street - aghast that I was walking and they were riding. Madame! You should have sent me a text so I could drive you home! I don't think they get me quite yet, or maybe I am not the norm, but as long as its nice outside, I am quite fine walking on my own 2 feet!


Katie Walker said...

I'm just laughing as I picture some Jane Fondaish chinese guy and hearing, "if you want, baby I got it." If you didn't get a work out *during* the class, your belly should hurt from laughing about it later.

ck said...

loving the updates AD - keep em coming. the lifetime "tune" you made up is great - and so you! we need a picture of the jane fonda chinese guy :) miss you! -ck

Jennifer Burgett said...

But your tests said that you were almost normal! :)