Friday, September 5, 2008

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I realize I have been remiss in sure so many have been anxiously waiting to hear what's been going on! Plenty of good and plenty of frustrating as well (that I now call the China Factor - not in a bad way , but when things are very different than what we are used to - which is often!)

We had a some friends in town for a few days, which was really nice - we took them to the fake market, YuYuan gardens, the art district( I am going back there when I have more time- its like walking through a little town in Europe with shops, cafes, etc) and tried some yummy restaurants. I think my favorite was called Face - it is thai food and the restaurant itself has a great atmosphere and the food was all so good! The kids came with us that night and they also enjoyed it. Another night we went to what you would call chinese BBQ - picnic tables, plastic clothes and tons of spicy chinese ribs. (with lots of tsingtao needed to wash them down).

After our friend left, we packed up our things at the hotel and started bringing our things to the house. We moved in last weekend, at least with what we have and are slowly getting settled. Our shipment is not here yet (??) and we don't know exactly when it will arrive (??) but trying to not be too irritated.

School started this past week and the great news is both kids love it so far! the bad news is my camera has had a major technical glitch and I cant get the pics off of it to share how cute they looked! I plan to take new pics on monday - we'll just reenact the first day outfits and post! We are able to walk to school, its about 6 min or so - and it starts at 8. School release is 320. Typically I walk them both ways, but sometimes Michelle will take them. Who is Michelle? she is the best part of the house we are in! I was not sure how having a person living in would be, but so far I am adjusting quite nicely! She does errands - prepares all the fruits, veggies, etc (this is a process here - things have to be soaked, washed, etc). She cooks, serves meals, cleans up after, makes beds, cleans the house, laundry.....yes, she pretty much does it all! she is very unobstrusive and quite pleasant. The kids like her and so far things are going great. It is really very common to have help here - as things are harder to get done - shopping takes longer, may require multiple stops, etc. Some people have several ayi's that work for them. I am fine with one, as she is quite efficient. I do think we may already be spoiled...she makes egg white omelets for me in the AM, and serves green tea to me in the evening! I get home from taking the kids to school and the beds are made, kitchen clean, etc. I think this is the best option for us, with me working on the phone early in the am's, and E often leaving for the office early, it gives us backup help when needed with the kids and really makes life easier.

Pictures are coming...of the kids and house..we are still waiting on a few more pieces of furniture and some of the drapes/roman shades...soon.

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Could I have Michelle?

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