Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can I prepare your lunch now Madam?

Can you stand it? I really can't. I have to say one of the nicest perks of being here is being able to have fulltime help. Today I actually was meeting a friend for lunch, but it is so odd to have so much done for me, and its even more odd that it really doesn't bother me at all anymore! Every morning she prepares egg white omeletes with spinach, mushrooms, tomato....lunch she does a big salad or grilled chicken sandwich...dinner tonight is chicken fajitas...she makes italian, mexican, chinese, american, ....pretty much whatever. There is always fresh prepared fruit in the fridge - she sends me off to the gym with apple or pear wedges...she fixes C banana/apple/orange smoothies after school. We eat much healthier now than we ever have, I think! She is eager to learn how I make things and loves to cook, so as hard as it for me to give up my kitchen, I have been able to let go quite easily!!! Wonder if she will want to move to Arizona in a couple of years????

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Katie Walker said...

Yes, bring her to Arizona and let her move in with ME!!! Oh, that just sounds wonderful. My mom once brough our live-in maid in Hong Kong to the states with us....but the visas and all that, it's tricky business. Get it while you can!!