Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Women dao le! (we have arrived!)

back in China, that is. Long way. LONG way. All in all the trip was fine, but did I mention it was long? And did I mention when we got to the phx airport I realized we were missing a bag? When you have 10 bags, and 4 carry ons, its easy to overlook one - but yes indeed - *MY* bag was still at the house. Luckily, I was able to have my mom bring it to the airport and we got it checked in with about 2 minutes to spare.

Phx to San fran is only 2 hours, then we had 2 hours in the airport, then we boarded the SFO to Shanghai flight, which lasted over 14 hours this time. Yes, you read that right - 14+ hours. Was nice family time. (ha!)

All in all, everyone did fine -the first 7 hours is the worst..really - if you can get through that, you can get through anything. E managed to sleep? which he never does while I - who normally sleeps - kept peace between C and D. They weren't *quite* as angelic as they were on the way over, but it could have been WAY worse. It's just hard to sit there and we were all tired - but just not quite tired enough to sleep. We did many laps around the plane and saw c's teacher and a girl from his class.

A few travel tips I would recommend to those going long distances with kids -
1. ipod, with favorite tv shows loaded, this is a lifesaver!
2. sticker books/activity books for the younger crowd - D loves to do these and will work on them for quite awhile before getting bored
3. food - bring a few treats, along with something more substantial - ie, pbj, cheese stick, nuts, etc. I have to say all airplane food gets worse and worse...this is a good diversion every so often to pull out something new
4. portable games - of course the DS and Psp are well used
5. computer games - some educational games not requiring internet usage can be fun, too
6. then...just sit back and relax and enjoy not being connected to email or the phone!
( I actually had a mom behind us compliment me on my stash of stuff - I had to laugh, as I am so not the organized one - never had a diaper bag, etc. however, I guess having flown a few times like this you learn quickly - if you fail to plan, you plan to fail and 14 hours of failure is not good!

So, we arrived about 615 Sunday pm...got all our bags collected and made it home - we were all so happy to see Yu Wei...D almost ran and gave him a hug - she stopped herself but was funny. Michele had prepared dinner and helped us get started putting things away and we were all in bed, asleep, by 930.

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