Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jet lag, continued...

Today I slipped off for a massage at my favorite spa here. There are so many places to go - one on all corners, but the one I like tends to be a bit more western in atmosphere and feels more "spahhh like" compared to some. I tried a treatment I have not done before, but for sure will be doing again! Here is the description:

"Happy Landing"
Refresh yourself with our in-house remedy for jet lag and travel discomfort that combines 1 hour Chinese massage with a half hour of Oriental Foot Massage and a special half hour Foot Therapy to relieve swelling. - 2 hours, 340 rmb

The special foot therapy was a peppermint mask applied to the feet, then they were wrapped up tight. My feet are still tingling!

Here is a link to the spa, in case you want to check it out:

One big concept here in China is the Frequent Buyer Card type deal. Many places offer something similar, and at Dragonfly - if you spend 5k rmb, they give you 4k rmb extra on the card. So you end up getting the treatments for about 40% off. Therefore, the treatment I had today was about 180rmb, or $30. Whoever comes to China to visit, the massage is on me!

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