Friday, January 2, 2009

Any good suitcase packers around?

Today will become a day of packing. I tried to pack lightly coming over. I really did. We brought extra bags we planned to fill and I didn't bring tons of clothes for anyone, knowing we would buy some and I could wash daily. However. It is not going to be pretty. CDR got an electric razor scooter for xmas. That is not a small item. Plus all the clothes, dollies, FOOD items (yes, still bringing back some food - a few items I can't name, but then some other things you cant find - Luna bars? my pumpkin flax granola, bbq sauce, beef consumme, etc..etc...) and we are stuffed to the gills. Anyway. I am sure we will work it out but it may be a long day. Wish us luck. Maybe I'll snap a pic of the finished product!

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leander said...

Andrea, I hope your trip goes smoothly and you arrive with your goodies and your sanity all intact! Happy New Year to you and yours!