Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jet Lag, day 1...and day 2....

We didn't have jetlag when we arrived in Phx. We all adjusted well, slightly different schedule but it worked - up later at night, slept later in morning. After going to bed Sunday night at 930 - we tried to stay up but could not do it - I woke at 2, and everyone else woke at 300am. yes. 3 am. yikes! I made french toast and scrambled eggs and we unpacked while the kids played with toys and just enjoyed being home. The kids went to school - and did fine during the day. I tried to keep moving as I knew otherwise, I would be snooooozzzziiinng.. About 6pm, D crashed on floor in family room and I decided to take a power nap and get up about 7. Well, I never got up - not good when you are trying to get on the right time zone! We all managed to make it till 4 today - I made bacon, eggs and toast this morning (at 430am), and we all had plenty of time to get ready for school...and I was so perky and awake for my mtgs that began at 6. Now, to try and stay up till closer to 8pm tonight...I hope we can do it!

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