Monday, March 16, 2009

You know you must live in China when...

1. you dream about shopping at Target. I did so last week and woke up so happy until I realized that full basket of bargains wasn't real. I had so many really cute things, not to mention magazines and books galore!

2. you debate about buying the lastest movie at the grocery store where you pay $2.20/movie or from the street cart for about 60cents.

3. you can walk out for a foot massage on a thursday night at 9pm with the everyone has an ayi at home to hold down the fort for them...

So, not all bad, but I was so bummed when I woke up from that dream..I made up for it with the foot massage outing that night!

Oh and the good news...WE HAVE SUN! After February only have 2 days - yes 2 DAYS of sunshine, and every other day either rain or the threat of rain, we finally have had sun the last 3 days, along with near tropical temps of 20C! I can't tell you how excited everyone is...we rode bikes up to the Blue Frog for lunch Sat and there were literally traffic jams on the sidewalks!

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