Saturday, July 19, 2008

We're HERE! After all this time, planning, logistics...we are here! I could bore you with all the details that had to be executed - the pain of separating and packing up our house, trying to pack what we need for the next ~8wks till our shipment arrives, get the house ready for the rentor, while keeping everything else going, but I won't.

Our flight was basically uneventful, though way too long. Kids were good, all luggage - 15 pieces! arrived without issue...Shanghai airport was no issue - not crowded, they didnt try and confiscate my food or items I brought in, so all was good. We are staying in a Marriott apartment for about 6 weeks until our house is ready to move into. Its very nice, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms - 28th floor in downtown, overlooking what is currently the tallest bldg in the world. We spent the am unpacking most of our things, and are getting ready to venture out and see our new neighborhood, drive by the school and head over to the factory for a family day at work. So far so good.

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