Friday, July 25, 2008

Health Check...

on Wednesday I went for my government mandated health check. Anyone coming to the country requesting an extended visa will have to have this done, if over 18yrs old. I must say I felt like I was in some 1940's Seinfeld episode. Everything is very outdated and old looking, very old fashioned. I had someone from our tax/visa contractor escort me, so he got me registered and I waited in a different area till time. Then you go from room to room - in no order, mind you - to have various procedures completed. In between, you sit in a hallway and they have you change seats every minute or 2 - with no real sense about it. "you! sit here"...1 minute later - point at another seat - "you sit here now!" ok then. They took blood, did an ultrasound, xray, ekg, looked in my nose - "your nose ok!?!" yes, I think so? and had me do an eye test. It was really pretty superficial. I kind of think what they really wanted was the blood, but not sure why they do all the rest? oh well. It was pretty uneventful, just took a about 3 hours total as it was a fairly long drive over. In a taxi. with no seatbelts - ugh! Will have to work on getting through those times, as I never go without a seatbelt at home!

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