Friday, July 25, 2008

First day here...

we made a trip out to Jinqiao, the area we will live, and drove through our neighborhood and saw the school. We then went to a family day at Intel Pudong to celebrate the 40th anniversary. the event at the factory was all in chinese - pretty handy for us. We stayed for a bit, the only westerners there and as we were leaving a lady ran after us with a camera - she wanted to interview us on what I thought about the event. Of course, I couldnt complain that I didnt understand - it is china and they are allowed to speak chinese - so I just nodded my head and said how nice it was. We moved on after that....had seen enough though I am sure it was a nice show.
I wont publish any house photos yet as we may be changing houses again! crazy! it would be in the same neighborhood and the same floorplan, but some friends have been in it the past 2 years and have done quite a bit of work in the house. We would likely just keep most of their things and move right in with ours, too. Still have some logisitics to work out but I think it could be good. We'll know for sure next week and then I can post pictures.

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