Monday, July 27, 2009

women hui jia le....

we have returned home.....
It's funny as I often don't know how to refer to being here - is it home? is it going over there? where are we going, anyway? but yes, it feels as much like home as anywhere, probably because our things are here and of course, Wrigley.
The trip itself was long....but uneventful, though we were quite close to missing our connecting flight in San Francisco due to a weather delay. I was literally sick to my stomach thinking of the effort to get our bags - all 6 plus carry ons, about 500lbs worth, by myself, getting what we needed for an overnight, checking it all into storage, getting a hotel and of course conducting a site seeing tour for the kids...when all I wanted to do was go into " way too long airplane ride mode" and just get home! Luckily, we made it with about 15 min to spare before take off. We treated ourselves to business class on the way home, we usually are too cheap to do so, but used some upgrades and it was well worth it! Everyone rested better, tons more room, better food and United actually had some service for us!

We are all still a bit goofy on sleep, but should straighten out in a few days. Getting into our routine here, with Tennis and basketball camp for Connor, art for Delaney, and a few other things mixed in. Everyone seems glad to be here, playdates started the minute we arrived home for C, and D was not far behind.

We arrived in time to celebrate e's birthday on Sunday....neighbors had us over for a bbq, he went for a massage and we all just laid low, unpacking and putting away. Will be back soon, once I get my china mind have to rethink things again that you had figured out it seems the minute you leave here, you just free your mind of all things chinese. hope I get it all back soon! later -

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