Tuesday, July 7, 2009

gone but not for good....

I failed to update with a "gone for summer break" posting! well, we are gone for summer break!
not all of summer, but we are in back in the valley of the sun for 6 wks....enjoying the 110 degree temps, mexican food, lifetime fitness, nordstroms and target. Yes indeed, we are making up for lost time at many places!

The blog will be up and running again, with plenty of china tidbits..no worry. until then, I am enjoying driving, folding my own laundry,doing dishes, taking the kids everywhere, going into the office for work, grocery shopping, cooking....hmmm did I say ENJOYING??? I will be heading back to the big city in about 3 weeks to rest and recover from all this hard labor!

I will leave you with one chinese thing that is hovering the back of my mind...and that is the process to get back to the country with the flu virus rampant. I can only cross my fingers and say a prayer - as they are so strict...they take temperatures of all on the plane an hour or so before landing, then again upon landing and if someone within 10 rows of you has a fever, then you can just say goodbye. You are wisked away to a luxury suite in the middle of nowhere, where they only speak chinese, come in to check your temps hourly in their "space suits", feed you rice and some soggy vegetables. ugh. They will keep you till they determine if the one with the fever has the flu - if so - you remain in quarantine for 7 days and if no symptoms from you, you are free to go. If they find the person does not have the flu, they will release you but the whole process can take up to 2 days. Let's hope for no fevers around our seats, please..as 7 days with 2 kids in a chinese motel 6...not good.

On that note, off to get some work done, and a quick trip to our onsite health clinic to replenish my RX drug stash!! Happy July!

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