Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"did you mean to type Warning, China"...asks Google..

In a couple weeks we are going to the Hawaii of China. Yes, for real - Hawaii of China. Not "a great beach location in China" but Hawaii. It seems to be a theme here, to find something remotely similar and name it the same here - I found that when we were looking at neighborhoods - there is Rancho Santa Fe, Beverly Hills, Palm get the idea.

So, we are heading for a long weekend to the beach to relax and work our on our tans. It takes time to figure out travel here as all the sites are different online and airlines are different, so finally I pieced it together. The city, though I dont think its much a city - is called Wanning. When you google that, it says - did you mean "warning, china"? I hope not! The resort looks great - kind of like what you might find in the real Hawaii. Its a new Le Meridien that just opened and has gotten good reviews. We will be sure to fill you in when we return!

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